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Leading you to the best pair of shoes,
the Personal made.


Leading you to the best pair of shoes,the Personal made.

Kinsei-Choka: Custom-made shoes

Miyagi Kogyo's [Custom-made shoes] system is different from regular pattern orders.

Rather than trying to create perfection from scratch, we choose the best option for each customer from a wide variety of options and customize it for them.This is a groundbreaking system that makes it easier and faster to create shoes that fit each individual's feet than what is generally known as bespoke shoes.

Instead of forcing our precious feet, which we call the second heart, into a mass-produced shoes,
It is a "personal made" experience, created through a dialogue with your own mind and feet.

Left and right,
Width, Length etc.

More than 100 ways
Fitting sample

Adjust the fitting

Your best fitting

Personal Made

Making custom-made shoes is called bespoke in the UK and su missura in Italy.

Recently, due to their high level of perfection, they have become popular among many Japanese shoe enthusiasts, but the reality is that they are quite expensive and involve a lot of risk, making them difficult to purchase.

On the other hand, something that is not widely known is that there are some extremely difficult aspects to having custom-made shoes.

Naturally, customers want perfect comfort wearing.

But the creators are well aware of the reality that "it won't work out so well right from the start," but if they don't communicate this, a big gap will open up and problems will arise.

In most custom-made shoes, the measurements of the customer's feet, a wooden last is carved out to create a personal shoe just for them, so why is it difficult to get the perfect fit?

It is not uncommon for the finished shoes to be far from what was expected.

The feeling when you first put your feet in the shoes is different from how they feel after you have worn them in, and from the perspective of shoemaking, maintaining a comfortable state for that long is an extremely difficult task.

No matter how carefully we measure a customer's feet, it is impossible to accurately capture the three-dimensional structure of the foot and the customer's personal preferences (tightness or looseness, and the finished shape).

We focused on this point.

Rather than aiming to create perfection from scratch, we built a system that allows customers to choose the best pair from a wide variety of options and customize them; we named this system "Kinsei-Choka."

Waso-Ryoka offers personal made shoes that allow you to fully enjoy these carefully made custom shoes.

Order flow

Other options are also available. Please inquire at the store where you purchase the product.

Miyagi Kogyo's [Custom-made Shoes/Waso-Ryoka] can be ordered at stores nationwide.
​*You cannot order [Waso-Ryoka] at the our flagship store.

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