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Company Information
Greetings from the President

Message from the President

Our company was founded in 1942 and is a long-established shoe factory that has been manufacturing shoes for 82 years.

Although I don't know much about the company's early days, I am deeply impressed by the fact that it has continued to make shoes throughout its long history.

At first, leather shoes were not commonly worn in Japan, but the company adopted Western culture and lifestyles and created them through trial and error. In the 1960s, the first president visited A. BARKER & SONS LIMITED in the UK, and was subsequently recognized by them, leading to a technical partnership and domestic manufacturing and sales.

Since then, we have continued to produce more than 1,000 pairs of shoes per day under contract with major manufacturers, OEM production, American-style work boots, and highly designed products for apparel brands. However, the influence of the global economy has led to a shift in production to developing countries and a trend toward lower prices, and mass-produced disposable shoes have taken over the market.

However, we have continued to adhere to traditional manufacturing methods that make shoes that are not disposable, but rather that become more attractive the more they are worn, and we have focused on providing products that can provide more personalized services.Typical examples are the personal order service Waso-Ryoka and our flagship brand MIYAGIKOGYO.
The feet are also known as the "second heart" and are directly connected to health. Considering their importance, St.Relax was launched in 1997 and has been leading the field with its unique manufacturing method and structure.

We will continue to expand the possibilities of leather footwear without stopping the evolution of shoes.

We intend to continue bringing to the world products that people will say, "These are Japanese shoes."

President and CEO of Miyagi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi Arai













Miyagi Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established in Higashiyonbancho, Sendai City with capital of 195,000 yen.

Miyagi Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established with capital of 8 million yen. The old Goodyear equipment was gradually removed and replaced with new equipment.

Successfully commercialized Japan's first men's shoes using the injection molding method, and launched them as IP shoes.

Technical cooperation with A. BARKER & SONS LIMITED in the UK.
In addition, the company acquires the manufacturing and sales rights for BARKER SHOES in Japan.

Showroom and shop "Shoes House Tuff" opened.

50th anniversary.

Developed and released the multi-size system traditional shoe BASIC35.

Developed and released ST.Relax, a comfort walking shoe made using the SST manufacturing method.

We have launched a system for custom-made shoes, "Kinsei-Choka".

The company launches its flagship brand, "MIYAGI KOGYO," named after the company.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Trade name

Miyagi Kogyo Co., Ltd.


Leather shoe manufacturing industry

board member

Kazuyoshi Takahashi, Chairman and Representative Director
Hiroshi Arai, Representative Director and President

Head Office and Factory

2200 Miyauchi, Nanyo City, Yamagata Prefecture, 992-0472


TEL +81-238-47-3155 / FAX +81-238-45-3015:3365


Founded in September 1941 and established on November 21, 1952


70 million yen

number of employees

50 people


30,000 pairs per year (equipment capacity: 200 pairs per day)

Manufacturing Item

Men's leather shoes, walking shoes for men and women, golf shoes (machine-made shoes and hand-sewn moccasin shoes using Goodyear welt, McKay, stitch-down, and cemented methods)

Division Information

Business Division Information

Pride Division

We plan, produce and sell original signboard brands.
We operate a bespoke service and provide personal styling.


Artisan Division

With high technology and flexible thinking, we develop, manufacture and provide creative leather shoes. Based on the concept of "local production for local creation," we propose and promote a new form of domestic recycling-based consumption. (=Arthful)
In addition, the company also undertakes OEM production work for apparel companies, including collaborations.


Future Division

We develop, manufacture and sell footwear that revolutionizes comfort shoes, sneakers and other footwear.
We offer products that maintain foot health while being designed to suit fashion.


Upcycling Division

The company provides a service that makes effective use of scraps and leftover leather generated during shoe manufacturing, transforming them into useful items and offering them for sale.


Real Parts Division

The company provides a service that efficiently supplies high-quality parts used in shoe production to manufacturers using highly advanced technology.

Supporting your precious daily footsteps.

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