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For long-lasting wear.

Working towards a sustainable future
Comprehensive repair and maintenance services
Development of new materials using scrap of leather
Development of product using scraps of leather 
Locally produced products using Yamagata beef and Yonezawa beef.

Miyagi Kogyo Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a sustainable future by taking into consideration the environment and undertaking various initiatives and activities, such as developing products using scraps that would normally be thrown away and developing new materials.

In addition, we will further enhance our existing repair and maintenance services to help you wear our shoes for a long time.

We will do our utmost to create products that you can continue to wear with care.

Scene of repair

To ensure you can wear them for a long time ,

Repair and maintenance service details

We will continue to enhance it further.

Repair inquiries

Phone: +81-238-47-3155


We use parts that would otherwise be thrown away, such as leather scraps, to develop new materials such as recycled paper and cushioning materials.

Shoes made from Yamagata beef

We will develop the product using the by-product of Yamagata beef and Yonezawa beef, which are produced locally. Processed into "locally produced, locally created".

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